Pack, protect, wedge, cushion, seal, etc. Each situation is unique! AllPack Services studies your request and designs customized packaging for your products, thanks to their unique expertise, a wide range of packaging products and a wide array of customizations.


All industrial packaging produced by AllPack Services can be equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

RFID technology can identify an object, track its progression and establish its specifications remotely using a built-in chip.

Upon your request, personalised information can be stored in tags: characteristics of the packaged product, serial number, destination and even contact details of the insurer to be contacted in case of problems!

All industrial packaging produced by AllPack Services can be equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.


AllPack Services offers its customers several wedging solutions to protect or hold their delicate items in place. Wedges also help to cushion shocks during transport.

Wooden Wedges

AllPack Services: wooden wedges

Foam Wedges

AllPack Services: Foam Wedges


AllPack Services: Strap

Seals and safety

In order to optimise the safety of your packaged products, AllPack Services’ customized industrial packaging can be equipped with special seals to protect against tampering and theft.

Anti-Tamper Stickers

By leaving a security message on the tape and the surface, these stickers make tampering detection possible with just a glance.

AllPack Services: Anti-Tamper Stickers


This patented concept is offered in several colours for logistical coding. The bar code ensures that information can be read accurately and quickly. The locking mechanism and two-tone seal increase the security level.

AllPack SErvices: Sealing

Drum seals

This hardened steel locking system increases the security level of your packaged products thanks to a detachable flag that provides tracking and logistical monitoring. The seal features a barcode that ensures the information can be read accurately and quickly.

AllPack Services: Drum seals

Strip Seals

 This effective procedure quickly and simply ensures a suitable seal with plastic strips. It can be locked using your choice of a manual or hand-held electric key. The visual locking indicator guarantees that the seal is closed. The numbers on the base and lid prevent the substitution of separate components. The bar code and the client’s name/logo facilitate accurate and rapid identification of the packaged products.

AllPack Services: Strip seals


You may also equip your industrial packaging with various accessories:


AllPack Services: Vent


AllPack Services: Hasp

Document Holder

AllPack Services: Document Holder