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See pictures of a few examples of our latest achievements. Unique, unusual, enormous, immense, exceptional… Many companies have already put their faith in us! These achievements prove that we can handle any form of wood industrial packaging based on your packaging needs.

AllPack Services handles stowage for Luxscan (Export Award 2018)

AllPack Services handled the loading and stowing of sea containers for the Luxembourg company Luxscan Technologies. Thanks to AllPack Services’ experience in stowing, this line of wood scanners was able to reach the United States without a hitch! Luxscan Technologies, a company that is part of the German Weinig Group, develops and markets woodworking scanners. The company won the 2018 Export Award for its work outside of Luxembourg.

Handling a 4.2-tonne stone for MUDAM (26/09/2017)

The MUDAM (Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean) of Luxembourg commissioned AllPack Services for a special service: the transport of an exceptional stone directly from China! AllPack Services created a transport base in the museum to facilitate the handling and installation of this impressively large stone! It is 2.60 meters long and 2.05 meters wide, 1.70 meters high and has a total weight of 4.2 tonnes!

AllPack Services does humanitarian work (05/09/2017)

SUMEDCO is a non-profit that provides medical and technical support in the Democratic Republic of Congo. AllPack Services handled the packaging of medical equipment that will be sent to eastern Kasai Province to help the local population.

A “magical” packaging (29/03/2017)

David Goldrake, the famous illusionist from Luxembourg, is presenting his “Imaginarium” show in Las Vegas! He trusted AllPack Services to package his equipment, which arrived safely in the entertainment capital of the world.

Platform loading of a blast furnace for Paul Wurth PLC (25/11/2016)

AllPack Services packaged a blast furnace produced by Paul Wurth PLC which was intended for the United States. For this project, AllPack Services also performed the platform loading, thanks to its experience in handling wooden boxes.

AllPack Services regularly packages finished products for the Paul Wurth company. Paul Wurth PLC is a Luxembourg industrial engineering company, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery for the steel industry.